Friday, August 21, 2009

Wolf howls

Sure, this is a week old, but it looks likely that Patrick Wolf won't have calmed down yet. He was onstage, doing his high-end Mika thing, at a Köln pop festival, when somebody switched off the PA earlier than he would have liked.

He had a chuckle, and it was all soon forgotten.

Oh, hang on: no, he didn't:

To be fair, it does look like it started out a little tongue-in-cheek. Started out.

[via Stereogum


NerysX said...

Hmm, it's one thing to have an on-stage tantrum, but it's quite another to hurl missiles close to the rather pregnant lady who is playing violin for you.
Also, he throws like a girl.

brown suits said...

Nice live performance you rock the stadium!

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