Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Stale Spice at the back of the cupboard

Even while giving the idea space, not even Gordon can pretend to be excited as Mel B tries to get another Spice Girls reunion:

THEY promised us there would be no more SPICE GIRLS after the reunion tour ended.

But MEL B just can't resist an opportunity to get up on stage clad in leopard print, brandishing her whip.

Scary Spice and husband STEPHEN BELAFONTE have put together a deal for the girls to reform one last time - at the World Cup in South Africa.

Bloody hell, B, have you already burned through the cash you were given for the last ill-advised reunion?

Smart comes up with a plausible reason for the plan:
I'd imagine the girls' husbands and boyfriends will be backing the World Cup plan - so they can blag a free trip to the tournament.

(Women, of course, wouldn't be interested in free tickets for the football - it's not like Mel C was known as sporty, and played football at a competitive level, is it?)

Elsewhere, young woman fails to recognise 44 year-old record shocker:
EMMA WATSON needs to gen up on her music.

The Harry Potter star was dancing to THE BEATLES' Day Tripper at the afterparty for London Fashion Week's closing Burberry show when she asked banker boyfriend Jay Barrymore . . . what the song was.

He told her - and she went bright red in front of guests at Burberry's Westminster HQ.

Really? Why would you expect a 19 year-old to know a song from her grandparent's youth? If anyone has anything to worry about this, I'd say it'd be the Beatles industry rather than Emma.

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