Monday, September 07, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Williams this do?

Is Gordon going to try and crank out a "story" about Robbie Williams every day until the new single comes out?

I'm afraid it looks like it will:

The singer says he assumes a different personality for each disc. He told Capital Radio: "For this album I've been Luke Moody.

"I don't like the name Robbie. Bert Williams for the next album, come on!"

Yes, Capital Radio. Gordon now gets his scoops by sitting on the sofa with a mug of cocoa and a notepad.
Robbie said: "I love reality TV. It's the only stuff I watch.

"But yeah, if this CD fails and TAKE THAT doesn't do too well, Strictly Come Dancing then straight to panto."

I don't think he has to worry about a Widow Twankey role just yet.

Um... Gordon, you remember that Williams has already done panto, don't you?

Meanwhile, Dappy - yes you do, bloke in the hat out N-Dubz - turns out to have made a silly gay-hating, gun-waving track a couple of years ago.

Gordon's approach to the story is interesting: first, he has to pretend that Dappy is some sort of role model (if that was the case, wouldn't Britain's streets be awash with inappropriate headgear?); second, in the link through to the story Smart announces that you can watch "Dappy glorifying gun crime". No mention of the homophobia, no mention it was two years ago, and no indication that Dappy issues a full and frank admission that he was a bit of a knob when he made the track. Sure, you find all this when you click through, but if the story is 'children's entertainer says sorry for being an idiot', shouldn't that be the headline?


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