Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seriously: Where is Beatles band?

After all that fuss last week, how have The Beatles re-releases done in their second sales stretch? (And their first full-week sale)?

Vanished completely from the Top Ten, and struggling. Rubber Soul is bested by the 42-weeks-on-chart James Morrison album; Help barely able to outsell Robbie William's Greatest Hits. They're still selling, but in nothing like the numbers the shipping figures suggest EMI was expecting.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time for a Castaldo "They'll sell better towards Christmas" comment?


The charts are giving a false figure since they are counting the box sets, which have sold out, as one disc rather than fourteen. Rubber Soul is currently sitting at no four in several of the UK charts. The one the BBC uses includes downloads and the beatles are not available as such.

simon h b said...

By "the one the BBC uses" you mean the official chart part-funded by the music industry itself?

And the Box Set isn't even in the top 40, so it can't really account for the poor sales of the other albums, can it? If the Box Set was at number four and the other albums trailed, perhaps you'd have a point. But not the other way round.

Chris Brown said...

Yes, I say this as a Beatles fan but there's no getting away from the fact that the one on the BBC is the official chart. And that it's hardly unfair to include downloads, any more than it's unfair to include cassettes. Besides which, download album sales are miniscule.

Counting a box set as 14 sales is just stupid, as you can tell for US album sales figures.

version control geek said...

I agree with you, Chris.

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