Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adam Lambert: This is not an accident

This is the cover of Adam Lambert's album cover.

This tweet might come as a surprise:

Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It's an omage to the past. It IS ridiculous.

The surprise not that the sleeve is meant to look like that, but that there are apparently people who think the picture might have accidentally turned out looking kinda campy. How would you think that? Are there people who assume he's wearing a pair of dungarees or was fixing an engine but it got cropped out the final shot leaving the image looking a bit fey?


Anonymous said...

I had no idea who this person was so I decided look them up and I have to admit I did find it a little bit too hilarious to find out that Justin Hawkins is involved in this album.

Mikey said...

If this clueless fuckbucket can't spell 'hommage' then he shouldn't be allowed to release any records at all.

And that goes double for Oasis.

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