Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fanfarlo head for the US

Hoping that all-night diners will be ready to keep them going with black coffee and hard rolls, Fanfarlo announce a US tour:

November 9th*Chicago, IL*Schubas
November 11th*Minneapolis, MN*Triple Rock Social Club
November 13th*Denver, CO*Moe’s
November 14th*Salt Lake City, UT*State Room
November 16th*Boise, ID*Knitting Factory
November 17th*Seattle, WA*Crocodile Cafe
November 18th*Vancouver, BC*Media Club
November 19th*Portland, OR*Doug Fir Lounge
November 20th*Sparks, NV*Great Basin Brewing Company
November 22nd*San Francisco, CA*Rickshaw Stop
November 23rd*Los Angeles, CA*Echo
November 24th*San Diego, CA*Casbah
November 27th*Santa Barbara, CA*Soho Restaurant & Music Club
November 29th*Tucson, AZ*Club Congress
November 30th*Santa Fe, NM*Santa Fe Brewing Co
December 2nd*Austin, TX*Independent
December 3rd*Dallas, TX*The Loft
December 4th*Houston, TX*Walter's on Washington
December 6th*Birmingham, AL*Bottletree
December 9th*Baltimore, MD*Metro Gallery
December 10th*Philadelphia, PA*Johnny Brendas
December 13th*Arlington, VA*Iota
December 12th*Pittsburgh, PA*Brillobox
December 14th*Detroit, MI*Majestic Cafe
December 15th*Toronto, ONT*El Mocambo
December 16th*Montreal, QUE*Il Motore
December 17th*Boston, MA*T.T. The Bear's
December 18th*New York, NY*Webster Hall

Oh, America, this is what you're in for:


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I missed a song reference or something, but, please, don't knock american diners. They are possibly the best thing we have. I came to this realization after reading "Get in The Van; On the Road With Black Flag" by Henry Rollins. As everything including bandmates, concert halls, american towns, pretty girls, Europe, flies, French Canada, fans, people talking to him and punk clothes seems to throw Henry deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of depression, the only thing that seems to keep him from the impending suicide are the all night american diners (and 7-11). It's like, he couldn't stand to look people in the eye due to insecurity and rage, but was always up for a meal at Denny's. I've never looked at a diner the same after reading this published diary. It changed my life, really.

simon h b said...

Oh, I wasn't having a pop at the diner. The mac and cheese in Perkins is one of the closest things to heaven you can find.

Mind you, Gunther Toodys is pretty grim.

(Just for the record, it was a line from James Brown's Living In America.)

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