Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Irish Daily Mail shuns Daily Mail

Not only does the entire world seem to be disgusted by Jan Moir's homophobic piece on the death of Stephen Gately (Moir contended that a gay man cannot die unexpectedly from natural causes, you'll recall), but even the Irish Daily Mail is shunning Moir:

The Irish Mail on Sunday carried four pages of coverage on Gately's funeral in Dublin and printed a disclaimer, as did the Irish Daily Mail yesterday: "Comments made by journalist Jan Moir about Stephen Gately in her newspaper column caused controversy on Friday. Jan Moir's column has never been published in the Irish Daily Mail which, like the Irish Mail on Sunday, is edited and printed entirely in Ireland – independent of the UK titles – and does not have an online presence."

MediaGuardian points out that it's sort-of true; the paper is stuffed with former members of the London operation, and runs swathes of copy from the 'proper' Daily Mail, so it's independent like a fiefdom where a foreign Prince holds sway.

Still, the Daily Mail condemning a piece run in the Daily Mail. That you actually couldn't make up.

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