Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Eminem's career must be on the slide

The whole suggestion that Eminem is begging Simon Cowell for a judging seat on the X Facor seems strange.

Sure, you can see why Eminem might need to try and find a way in front of a big audience again, perhaps with a caption saying "Yes, he's still going", but why would he set his back-to-front baseball cap at X Factor instead of American Idol? Or did he issue two statements, identical except for the programme name, tailored to each market?

Em believes he could judge better:

Eminem, real name MARSHALL MATHERSIII, said: "No disrespect to the current judges but you need people who are global, platinum-selling stars. You need to prepare contestants for what it's really like out there, and what sort of pressure you are going to be under."

It's not disrespectful, but, hey, your current judges are nobodies.

The big question is why, exactly, you'd need judges who know what it's like to be a mulit-platinum selling artist to spot a person who could successfully have a single number one before booking two seasons' panto in Northampton.

Given that Eminem's biggest gift to the world so far has been starting Dido on a career, let's hope Cowell quietly ignores him.


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