Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Gorjedward

On the television a lot recently; doing something in the media for which they were cruelly underprepared; part of a big brand which does little more than pump a bland nothingness out. No wonder Jedward felt so sorry for Gordon Smart they went round to cheer him up.

They're "editing" Bizarre this morning, and slipping in some revelations:

John said: "We haven't really had jobs. We do some chores for family but we don't take any money."

They've never had jobs. Whoeverwouldhaveguessed, eh?

They also share their views about the important issues of the day - which, to be fair, the Sun even gets the Page Three porn participants to do:
Edward made the Hand of Jed blunder, telling me: "Thierry Henry is great at soccer.

"He is deadly. A great player. We didn't see the game because we were in rehearsals but we know he helped score a goal that people say was cheating.

"He's still a great player. He's such a cool guy."

That's hardly - as Gordon called it - "backing THIERRY HENRY"; in fact, Edward seems to be saying that as he didn't see the incident he can't really offer a comment on that.

How did Edward not see it, though? They kept showing the handball on the news all t... oh, right.

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