Friday, November 06, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Sind sie allein in Berlin?

Last night's MTV awards in Berlin had an element of looking backwards, but most people were only casting backwards twenty years.

Not Gordon, though. Germany, you say?:

Ze vinners are...

Ah, reporting Germany like you're writing a Victor comic strip. Classy. Are The Sun ever going to get over the Second World War?


Robin Carmody said...

There is no better era in British pop to quote to make that point than early 1982. And no better song to do it with than "Drowning in Berlin". Thank you (un-ironic).

Olive said...

It's a tough one, Robin. I'd think that German Film Star by the Passions has a better claim, albeit being from 1981.

Robin Carmody said...

That is a seriously good, thrilling piece of pop music, and that's a very good thing to be, but "Drowning in Berlin" actually makes you feel as though the border guards and barbed wire are at your neck. The Passions were great poseurs, which for me is a high compliment - the more poseurs the better, as long as they make good records - but the Mobiles, almost without meaning to, did something far greater.

And there are in this country people who think "Jailhouse Rock" is better than either. They *deserve* William Hague.

Olive said...

In completely unrelated news, this month's issue of Cycling Plus has a feature on the cycle route that now runs around the former course of the wall. They point out that a cyclocross bike or a mountain bike with road tyres is more suitable than a racing bike, and there are signs in the currywurst museum saying that visitors 'can touch everything'.
Knew you'd be pleased.

simon h b said...

*makes mental note to give Currywurst museum restuarant a wide berth*

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