Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Victoria Hart returns

Remember Victoria Hart? She was the subject of an unlikely PR blitz a couple of years back - the waitress who played for George Clooney and somehow landed a multimillion deal, all at the same time.

The reappearance of her in Bizarre this morning still bills her as the Waitress who sang for Hollywood, which - you'll be ahead of us here - suggests her story's ending is not entirely a happy one.

Elsewhere, Mika has taken to wearing an eyepatch after a mosquito bit his eye. No word on how the mosquito is doing.


Anonymous said...

So shameful is her new job that the Sun links to secret-camera video of her working. Let's hope the Sun have paid for the rights to webcast Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' too.

Particularly grim is that they choose to end the article that exposes her private struggle with her own words 'I didn't want anyone to know about this'.

Mikey said...

Yes, that final line is the killer.

Of note, also, is the term "£1.5m recording contract"

What that means, comonly, is "a few grand, plus 10 years of options which, in the unlikely event that they were actually exercised, would garner advances totalling in the region of about half a mill, plus another 50k on marketing, and a six figure sum on 'fruit and flowers' if you know what I mean"

Record companies regularly trot out these ridiculous figures because they think that journalists are stupid enough to believe them and, by and large, they are.

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