Monday, November 02, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Worth the entry fee

It's one of those days where Gordon confounds expectations and runs a decent story, albeit one copied off the Bon Jovi message boards:

BON JOVI face a backlash from furious fans over the £1,300 price tag for the best seats at their O2 residency next June.

The New Jersey rockers, who make much of their working-class roots, are set to play a string of gigs at the East London venue.

It's not just the top tickets which are eye-wateringly expensive; the crappest part of the venue will cost you forty quid.
New album The Circle from the quartet fronted by Jon Bon Jovi tackles issues such as the recent global financial downturn, and the irony is not lost on fans.

Oddly, Gordon doesn't use any of the contacts in his rolodex to bother getting any response from the ticket agency, the band, their management, the venue or even "sources close to". But at least it's a point worth raising.

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