Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Griffin done... Christmas

Zoe Griffin announces that Jim Carrey is going to be in London today. But that's not really what's on Zoe's mind:

I really don’t get the fuss over Carrey but I am glad that the word Christmas is still in use - there has been way too much political correctness and ridiculous suggestions we call this time Winter Festival.

And they won't let you call a binbag a black bag any more, you know, and they're going to force everyone's grandma to be replaced by a black lesbian who knows all the health and safety rules.

Are you really that gullible, Zoe?


Mike said...

Urban myth, too!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the last article you wrote from her about the switching on of "Christmas" lights?

Still, I guess she is talking about Carrey who is himself gullible enough to buy into all that anti-vaccination nonsense.

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