Friday, December 11, 2009

Axl Rose issues dull statement about having his photo taken

Do you really need to stick out a release when you've been quite near a scuffle?

“Axl Rose, lead singer for the legendary rock group Guns N’ Roses, was unhurt last evening when he was accosted by an unruly group of paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

“At the time of the incident, Mr. Rose was en-route to Taipei, Taiwan, to kick-off Guns N’ Roses’ tour of Southeast Asia including shows in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

“Mr. Rose, who was about to enter a security checkpoint at LAX when the altercation took place, was approached by a group of unchecked and unruly photographers who became aggressive with the singer and female members of the traveling group.

“Mr. Rose was not injured during the unprovoked attack and was able to board his flight without further incident.”

It doesn't actually include the words "during the occurrence, a carton of milk was upended and Mr. Rose's hat was knocked from his head", but this seems to be the area of incident we're in.