Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lily Allen sparks... what, exactly?

Yes, yes, it's against the law and she probably shouldn't have done it, but did Lily Allen lighting a fag on stage really "ruin" paying customers' nights?

This all took place at the Liverpool Echo Arena:

Dad-of-two David Hall, 52, who attended the gig said once Lily started smoking others around him joined in.

Mr Hall, a carer from Irby, Wirral, told the ECHO: “Lily sucked a puff of a fag and I thought maybe she’s feeling a bit tense but that was the trigger for people’s cigarettes to come out. They thought ‘because she’s doing it, so can I’. But the cigarettes were waving about in my children’s faces.”

God, that must have really ruined their enjoyment of the usual smells of a large gig - stale body odour, stale beer and wet dog. And were there really cigarettes waving about in your children's faces? In their faces?

Yes, it's a bit of a shame; yes, it's even a breach of a law. But 'someone smoked a cigarette quite near my child' isn't really the sort of thing that demands interviews with the local paper, is it?

Still, cash-strapped Liverpool City Council won't be wasting their time on this, will they?
A spokesman from Liverpool City Council said: “After seeing pictures of Lily Allen’s ECHO arena performance, we are investigating. Officers are in the process of following up witness statements to verify if the pictures are genuine.”

To see if they're genuine? Liverpool City Council really believe there might be people photoshopping smoking ciggies into pictures of Lily Allen? And they're carrying out an investigation to see if the photos are genuine? I really hope this doesn't take people off the vital task of searching for the bricks of Ringo Starr's old house.


Anonymous said...

Well, if the kids didn't grow up around smoking, it can make them feel actually ill. I am from the US where smoking is not as popular, and now I work in France. I feel like I don't have the right to ask people to stop smoking, so I often have to leave the waiting room/the restaurant/the shop because bile is literally rising in my throat. If I paid to go to a place that I understood to be smoke free and someone lit up, I'd be kind of upset too.

simon h b said...

There's a difference between a small room where lots of people are smoking and an arena where a few people have sparked up. I don't deny the smokers were in the wrong, but I don't think this is the sort of thing that really requires council investigations or newspaper articles.

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