Friday, December 11, 2009

Robert Wyatt: Todaydream Believer

Amongst the guest editors announced to cover the Today period through the quiet post-Christmas period: Robert Wyatt.

Possibly not the first time a communist has produced the programme, if you're to believe the paranoid scrabblings of the security services.


Anonymous said...

Last month he was singing on a Radio 3 production of Rimbaud's A Season In Hell but don't tell anyone at any of the tabloids or they'll see it as a sign of the red flag being flown outside Broadcasting House. (Incidentally, the programme was really good.)

Robin Carmody said...

Not only the security services. Several government ministers in the 1980s, probably including the then prime minister, seem to have thought Brian Redhead (so rabidly left-wing that he openly cast a personal vote for Nicholas Winterton) was a commie.

Why else would Thatcher have routinely woken up to LBC?

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