Friday, December 11, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Prize speculation

We all know the problem of having a difficult little space to fill. Most of us would eat a biscuit or an apple.

Gordon fills his space by lobbing in this sort of thing:

CHRIS MOYLES could be in the running for TWO Brit Awards.

Could he? Really?

Well, yes, in the sense that he's released an unfunny comedy album in the qualifying period, and like anyone else who has released a record, of whatever quality, he's "in the running".

In much the same way that a bloke who turns up at the London Marathon dressed as a lobster is in with a chance of winning the race.

Still, having set up an unlikely outcome, Gordon is quick to be the first to rubbish the idea:
I suspect sense will prevail and he won't get the nominations.

Space filled. Story made up and destroyed within four sentences. Good work, Gordon.

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