Friday, December 11, 2009

Take That everywhere you go

There's already a prize for being the most-played act on radio - it's called a large cheque from PRS - but there's a second one, too: the Neilson Most Played Artist. It's some sort of trophy or cup or something, and this year Take That have got to find room for it:

DJ Mark Goodier, who presented the award, said: ''This act has not just had one career - they've done it twice and they're bigger now than they ever were.

''Without them, our radio stations would sound very different.''

Would they? Really? There's much to love about Take That, but I'm not sure I'd make any claims that they've changed the sound of the nation. Not even commercial radio. Without them, you might hear the words "and that was Take That" not as often, but I think it's fair to say radio would still sound pretty much the same.

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