Friday, January 29, 2010

BPI suggests behaving like record labels is bad

The BPI have - amusingly - tried to make themselves out as models of restraint by condemning ACS:Law for sending out demands to those suspected of downloading music without a licence:

"We don't favour the approach taken by ACS:Law to tackling illegal file-sharing, which is at odds with the proportionate and graduated response advocated by BPI and proposed in the Digital Economy Bill," the statement read. "We uphold the highest standards of evidence, and our view is that legal action is best reserved for the most persistent or serious offenders — rather than widely used as a first response."

They continued "see, you don't go rushing in demanding money; you gotta spend cash first to get the laws changed to ensure the costs of doing all this are passed on to everyone in the country, whether they download music or not. Amateurs. They're amateurs."