Saturday, January 30, 2010

Britney Spears is dead...

...likely to be the subject of a false death claim on the internet. It says here.

Paddy Power are apparently taking bets on it:

Now bookies Paddy Power are betting on the next celebrity to have a hoax death story written about them and the 8-1 favourite is Britney Spears, which surprises me.

Why would you take bets on that? Okay, take bets on white Christmases, because it's unlikely anyone would bother going to the effort of building a machine to change the weather just to win a few quid.

But you're offering the chance to put a bet on, seed a made-up story, and trot down to pick up the winnings? At 8-1? Have you really thought this through, Paddy Power? Have you any idea how the internet works?