Friday, January 08, 2010

Decade Null: 2007 - Charlotte Hatherley

There are a few people who, despite our hard-wired atheism, we'd still be quite prepared to get involved with worshipping. Especially if it involved rudeness and touching. Charlotte Hatherley, clearly, has such god-potential. Rounding off our skip through some of 2007's gems, taken from The Deep Blue, here's Charlotte doing Behave. Plus - bonuses, bonuses - you get summer as well.

[Part of Decade Null 2007]


Paul Wells said...

I went to go see her on that tour and she was great. Inexplicably tiny crowd though. And two idiots just behind me talked loudly through her set. I told them to shut up or take it to the back of the room, I have never felt so old....

simon h b said...

Why do people do that? The talking, not the telling people not to. I can just about understand how you might start a conversation in an audience, but given that it's not an ideal place to have a chat, you'd have thought that heading to the bar would make sense anyway?

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