Monday, January 18, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Grief and shopping

Alexandra Burke is thinking about looking for a boyfriend:

"I find it hard to meet guys I like.

"Clubs or parties are the worst place to meet people. I'd rather meet someone in Sainsbury's - that's where it's at!"

That's quite lucky, as if she releases any more leaden churn like the new single, Broken Heels, that'll be where she's working.

Seriously, what was whoever picked that track thinking? It's the sort of song the dance group would have done on a light entertainment programme in the seventies - and a midweek one at that. Have I missed a London Night Out revival?

Gordon's excited, though:
The single singer, pictured here in an exclusive new snap

Funny thing: in the exclusive new snap, she's wearing a shiny, short top and doing that face like she's waiting for Derren Brown to tell her to go and rob a security van. Like in every other photo she's taken for the last four months.

Let's just be absolutely clear: Boyzone are in no way exploiting the death of Stephen Gately to sell records. What would give you that idea anyway?
HERE'S BOYZONE star RONAN KEATING breaking down in tears while writing a letter to tragic bandmate STEPHEN GATELY.

The moving scene is in the video for new single Gave It All Away, a MIKA-penned fave of Stephen's that the lads recorded shortly before he died.

You could just about get away with the mawkish video, although it's more 'look how upset we are' than a celebration of Gately's life. But then sending round a press release to generate a news story about it? That's not a tribute, it's a marketing campaign.