Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gordon in the morning: NME awards, you're doing it wrong

This morning's Bizarre gives a double page spread to the NME Awards shortlist. Doubtless IPC will be delighted, but hasn't the idea that the NME prizes is some sort of alternative take on the Brits now vanished totally?

Course, Gordon's coverage is in part driven by his beloved Kasabian having been lined up for so many categories:

Kasabian have proved they are the best in the country on current form and deserve the title of Best British Band.

Last year's No1 album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, was a cracker.

But the Arctics' latest, Humbug, which had a few decent tunes, was a flop by their extremely high standards.

Kasabian are out in front for Best Live Act too.

They upstaged the Monkeys at Glastonbury in 2007 as fans chanted well into their rivals' set.

Pssst... Gordon: that doesn't mean Kasabian are better than the Monkeys, it just means that Kasabian fans are socially ignorant and irritating.

Besides Gordon clicking repeatedly on the 'Like this' button next to Kasabian's name, what other predictions does he have for the event?
One thing's for sure...

...a few ales will be sunk at the bash on February 24.


Also on Bizarre this morning is an eye-catching headline:
Heidi: HMs allowed drugs

Which would be a story worth sharing, were she not talking about how Channel 4 and Endemol let Big Brother housemates who are receiving prescribed medication, erm, take their medicine.

It's almost as if the Sun newsroom is now staffed with people going "I can never remember... is it 'dog bites man' or 'man bites dog' which is news?"