Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grammys 2010: Michael Jackson in 3D

The first Grammys since the death of Michael Jackson. Probably be fair to mark the passing of the man - he bought a lot of thick carpet for music industry offices. But how to pay tribute?

You don't want it to be anything tacky, or trashy, or cheap, or gimmicky, would you?

Hang on, you say you have an idea?

Grammys will stage 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson

Well, I suppose at least we can stand the MiniPops down.

The audience will be treated - and I use that word as a curse - to Jackson doing Earth Song in three dimensions. It'll be almost as if the music industry hadn't killed him.


Anonymous said...

So, will they also be treated to a 3-D representation of Jarvis climbing onstage and baring his bum?
(I know that was the Brits, but still...)

simon h b said...

A 3D virtual Jacko would surely have to be stage-jumped by the animated Jarvis from Fantastic Mr Fox?

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