Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pete Doherty gets away with a fine

So you'll recall Pete Doherty turning up for court on a driving charge last month only for him to turn out to have a coat made out of drugs?

In fact, he had thirteen wraps of heroin on him. In court.

Here's a funny thing, though: his defence was going to be that he owns so many coats, he simply forgot the one he pulled on was stuffed with smack.

I mean: as if any court is going to fall for that, right?

It turns out the court fell for that:

On Wednesday, he was fined 750 pounds (865 euros, 1,210 dollars) with 85 pounds costs after the court heard he had simply forgotten the drugs were in one of his many coats.

Judge Joti Boparai told Doherty at Gloucester Magistrates' Court: "Either this was sheer stupidity or a ploy to get more publicity."

Or, quite possibly, both.
[Defence lawyer Bruce] Clark said Doherty's faltering career was now going from strength to strength, with a concert in Moscow on the horizon and even a part in a forthcoming film.

A date somewhere in deepest Europe and a part in a movie? Oh, yes, that puts him somewhere between Stephen Baldwin and Jim Bowen on the career success stakes, doesn't it?
[Clark said] "This (the offence) was an accident. This was the ghost of past offending, not the resurrection."

"It was a headless horseman of criminality, not a Lazarus. Don't call it a comeback, call in Derek Acorah."

A man walks into court with thirteen wraps of heroin in his pockets. There is no punchline, just the sound of one man laughing.


Mikey said...

This isn't news, but Doherty really is an idiot.

He's created nothing of note since parting company with Carl Barat, and as to distract us that embarrassing fact he has built up this 'drug-taking rebel' persona to impress an audience of sulky 14 year olds who still go for that kind of early 70s rock star horsecrap.

He's not even a competent drug addict: Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, and even Eric bloody Clapton managed to conduct themselves with reasonable decorum while in the grip of a 'drug hell'

Blimey, even Goering wasn't as useless as Doherty.

He's a ridiculous clown whose deperation for attention far outweighs his talent.

Why isn't he on X Factor?

James said...

I liked Frankie Boyle's observation; "Have you seen the size of him? I thought heroin addicts were meant to be skinny. What's be been cutting it with, hollandaise sauce?"

Olive said...

Noticed this on the BBC website: it seems that Doherty isn't the only one with a shaky grasp of the legal finer points of driving.

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