Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We7 throws down challenge to Spotify

The big tech announcement of the day - oh, alright, if you discount Honey, iBlew Up The iPhone, is that We7 is launching a premium, ad-free service in direct competition to Spotify.

The headline price is lower - £4.99 a month against Spotify's £9.99. But the main impetus to upgrade to a paid account is less the loss of ads, and more the ability to suck music to a mobile. And this is, in We7 parlance, "Premium Plus" (a premium on a premium?) and will cost another fiver. In other words: it's the same price as Spotify.

Spotify revealed the other day they've had 250,000 subscribers jump on so far. I'm not convinced there's many other people who want to spend £120 a year on a radio.

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