Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gordon in the morning: 48 hours deadline somewhat overshot

Given that last week Simon Cowell was insisting that he only had 48 hours to save Haiti, this Band Aid style single is certainly taking its time coming together.

But Gordon's doing his best to keep the energy up:

BOSSES at the Brit Awards were last night sensationally scrambling to showcase The Sun's Haiti charity single during next month's glittering ceremony.

Scrambling? It's nearly a month away.
A source confirmed: "A special production meeting was called to reconsider the running order to include the song.

"It's something that has NEVER happened before. But the events in Haiti have made everybody sit up and take notice."

They've never made a change to the running order with more than three weeks to go before? Really?

Still, at least this isn't the planned launch date of the single. That's nearer - although...
Its release is being masterminded by X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who set a target date of February 8 to get it on sale.

That's a pretty stretchy 48 hours you've given yourself there, Simon.

In a way, there is an upside to the stately progress - when the record finally comes out, it'll give a boost to the campaign just as donations start to tail off. Let's just be thankful they're pop stars and not emergency workers.

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