Monday, February 22, 2010

Sponsor Camper Van Beethoven

Camper Van Beethoven hope to get to SXSW this year. In order to make this dream come true, they're inviting fans to sponsor a song in their set:

How it works:

"CVB will draw up two setlists, one for each show: approximately 35 songs.

The first 35 people to donate $100 dollars will get to choose a song.

The first person gets the first choice from the setlist, the second person gets the second choice etc etc. Sorry but you will have to choose from the setlists that we create. We once tried a a fan generated setlist and it was really weird - unfortunately, not weird in a good way, or we'd probably be doing that more often!"

What you get:

*A Santa Cruz Roller Derby Girl will walk/skate across the stage carrying a placard announcing your sponsorship of the song, within full view of the audience or cameras, to have the moment captured on film or video for all of eternity!
*You can have up to 4 names or one business on each placard.

*We will contact you later for details how your sponsorship placard will read.

We reserve the right to arbitrarily refuse sponsorship from anyone or any organization. (For instance we probably won't be letting Mr. Hugh Jass and Ms. Ann Al-Aksam sponsor any songs. Probably.)"

It's a fair bet there's going to be a scramble for Take The Skinheads Bowling.

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