Sunday, March 28, 2010

6Music protests

Lots of coverage this morning of the 6Music protests in London.

It's probably the first time there's been a popular protest to save a BBC service since the march on Broadcasting House to keep Radio 4 on Long Wave. That march - mainly representing the voice of expats alarmed at a Radio 4 only on FM, and thus beyond the reach of their North European transistors - was a success. The upshot was that the planned rolling news and current affairs station was scrapped, and the original Radio Five was dumped to create a hybrid news and sports service instead.

The last march, then, killed the original Radio 6, and wiped out a bunch of interesting late-night music shows. Let's hope this march sort-of-reverses the effect.

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James said...

My favourite story about the Radio 4 protest was Linda Smith's. Apparently they had a chant;
"What do we want?"
"Radio 4"
"Where do we want it?"
"What do we say?"

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