Sunday, March 28, 2010

Digital Economy Bill: Jeremy Hunt thinks of the copyright industry

I'm sure Jeremy Hunt really does understand his shadow brief as the Tory's man for Culture, Media and Sport. So, presumably, when he writes stuff like this he's just hoping nobody is actually going to think about:

We also want a structure that encourages people who create digital content to innovate with new business models (like Spotify does for the music industry) rather than look to legislation to protect their current business models. It is a delicate balance: if the law is too heavy-handed, it will stifle innovation; but if it does nothing at all to protect copyright people will simply not be prepared to invest in the creation of new digital content – something that would be very damaging for the UK’s creative industries.

Yes, without tight new legislation, people simply will not invest in the creation of digital content (Hunt means 'art and music', by the way). We really need to get that law changed quick - without it, people simply will not be making stuff. Because look at what's happening now, under the current legislation - when did you last hear a new song? Or see a video which someone had shot? Nobody has taken a photograph since 1997 - according to Wikipedia.

Without this new legislation, we will continue to live in a world where people don't make things, don't write things, don't sing things. Thank god Jeremy Hunt is fighting to make us create once more.