Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BBC announces plans to waste money saved by closing 6Music

Hey! Good news, everyone - by closing down 6Music and Asian Network, the BBC will have enough money to build 60 new DAB transmitters across the country. This will allow even more people to enjoy listening to the empty space left by the closure of the services in high quality digital no sound.


Mikey said...

This is an honest question: What's the point of DAB?

What does it give us that FM & internet radio can't?

johnh said...

there won't be a gap when 6music is closed as it will be replaced by radio2 extra - which will be playing longer and in depth versions of radio2's specialist output

and more people will probably listen to it than listen to 6.

although I agree with mikey - DAB is just a transitional technology. The BBC are currently committed to expanding the digital audience now though and so we're stuck with throwing money at an infrastructure which will be obsolete in a decade

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

In theory, it should allow more stations using less of the radiomagnetic spectrum, thus freeing that up for other services (broadband, mobile phones, killer death rays) - but it would be more sensible to use the DAB frequencies for internet coverage, and encourage people to listen online.

Unless I've missed something - which is possible - there's no current proposals for Radio2Extra. 7 is going to reformat as Radio4Extra, but all the talk of a Radio2Extra seems to be coming from outside the BBC.

But I do love the idea you might wind up with an extended version of The Organist Entertains.

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