Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jay-Z "supports" Arsenal

I'm sure you, in common with many of us, have had little sleep since the rumours arose that Jay-Z might Manchester City rather than Arsenal.

Now, we can breathe easily, and sleep again, as he's confirmed that he supports, in some way, Arsenal after all:

"After that game the press started reporting that I was a Manchester City fan, I am really glad all that has been cleared up and that everybody in the UK knows that I am an Arsenal fan," he explained.

Yes, it must have been terrible with some people thinking that you had a vague interest in a slightly different team to the one you're actually not really that bothered about but are a bit.

Jay Z went on to sound like he knew a little bit about this soccerball:
"It was about five years ago now," he said. "When Thierry Henry was at the club I saw him play and I just thought he was an amazing player. Ever since then I have been a big fan of the club, following you guys, and still today you play the beautiful football that Thierry did. I think he had a real long term-effect on the team."

I might be being a little cynical, but this sounds less like the way football supporters talk about football, and more like the sort of thing you'd say if you'd phoned someone up to give you something to say to make it sound like you knew about football.