Saturday, March 27, 2010

Darkness at 3AM: Nadine Coyle gets a job offer

The 3AMies are excited this morning about Nadine Coyle adding something to the KitKat advert that's already on her on acting CV. She's vaguely being considered for a movie that doesn't exist:

Nadine Coyle, 24, is not just a big hit in the pop world. Our insider on Brit flick Shank (out tomorrow) says: "There's a real buzz about Nadine. Execs have asked about getting her involved in Shank 2."

Judging by the lukewarm reaction the film is getting, I suspect it might take more than getting Nadine onboard to make a Shank 2 happen. Perhaps Nadine needs to ask Nestle if they need her for anything else.

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