Sunday, March 21, 2010

Graham Coxon makes himself less of a pranny

Thanks to H who, in the comments on yesterday's story about Graham Coxon sending a internet posse over to Queen Margot after the blog gave him a snarky review.

As H points out, Coxon eventually turned up and gracefully held up his hands:

i want to say sorry if any comments on my forum upset or angered you. i do think what you have said here is a bit childish, felt a bit slighted, thought it a bit of a random pop- and a bit cruel but..y'know...i'll survive. i do take offense to the part about handling drink..a bit glib, a bit patronising and considering how alcoholism has affected my life and many of those i know and love..i was rather hurt.....alcoholism- i was born with that...and well my middle name i am with you on but..i was born with that aswell i'm afraid.

i agree with rather alot of what you said here tho..apart from the plonker part. i did actually wear a beautiful 1950s gloverall duffel coat to the documentary premier.. you really should have got a still of that..would have proved your point somewhat.

i do think pretentiousness is a good thing all being said...but really dont think i am pretentious. and as for my mild turrets (fidgeting, shuffling, scratching..)...born with that too....

but sorry for the disrespectful was ugly and i am not in the habit of it... i know not if we have ever met...but you would know that anyway if we had. sorry anyway if you were bothered by repercussions concerning your blur documentary/me blog.

Coxon doesn't mention the bit about encouraging his fans to go and post responses, but, in a later post, admits over-reaction:
a kick in the pants is sometimes required and deserved. my language on reflection was unacceptable and i apologise absolutely!

i should have had the intelligence to laugh it off as the joke it was... i fear i was over sensitive the evening i saw your comments which i now see as pretty harmless... and quite accurate. ouch!

He should have shrugged it off - or waited before responding - but who hasn't jumped on the internet and hit a 'post' button they could barely see through a red mist. Having the grace to admit a wrong and apologise does, at least, make Coxon look a little less bad than some other men who would suggest that anal rape is a good corrective for negative opinions.


Anonymous said...

His 'apology' on Suzy's blog is nothing more than an attempt to scrape his way out of this before the story spreads. If he was really sorry he'd link his 'apology' to his forum and facebook page.
Very nasty and underhand getting a band of sycophantic fans worked up on his behalf.
It all smacks of 'let's pick on the girls in the playground'.

Anonymous said...

You have let him slide off the hook WAAAY too easy! Just think about what has happened here. He is a public figure a lot of impressionable boys idolise...and he is espousing anal rape as a remedy against a female blogger who called him a PRANNY!
Puh -lease!

Then he wheels out a lame apology when he gets tired of the shit storm he himself started.. If his apology was sincere, he would have taken it to his forum, letting his 'kids/friends/fans' know why degrading language against women is not ok.

He's not sorry at all. His OWN forum moderator, Sean is STILL kicking abuse at anyone who dares post about Graham's behvaiour.

Its dreary and embaressing.

Graham grow the fuck up!

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