Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Libertines hold a press conference

The best place to keep an eye on the still-unfolding Libertines comeback press conference is the @Libertines stream:

Carl - it's something I've been dreaming about six years that I can go onstage and say we're the Libertines

Hmm. Really?

I wish I could be more excited about the idea of the Libertines reuniting, but have a nasty feeling it's going to be more like the revival of Monster Munch. Actually, scratch that - the Pickled Onion ones are as good as ever - so it's more like the bringing back of Arctic Roll; the only thing really going for it was that it was of its time, and has become surrounded in a slanket of nostalgia.

Had Dirty Pretty Things had the breakthrough they deserved, and/or Babyshambles been a bit more baby, a lot less shambles, maybe this would look a little more like a reunion driven by affection. Instead, there's a feeling that this might not be happening if petrol hadn't got so expensive recently.


Anonymous said...

jesus, you're obvious fondness for carl(...!) must have seirous impact on your hearing. dpt were fucking rubbish! at least babyshambles had a fair few great, grea tunes.even if they did mess up the recording of them

simon h b said...

Babyshambles' best songs sounded like the band round the corner trying to sound like The Libertines. Dirty Pretty Things sounded like a man trying to move on.

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