Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Michael Jackson fans: They don't have more money than sense, oh no

Some people would characterise Michael Jackson super-fans as being a bit dippy.

A group of fans have raised $1,250 to fly an airplane banner over the L.A. County Superior Courthouse between 1-2pm on April 5 ... when Dr. Murray is next scheduled to show his face.

The sign will read "We demand justice for Michael Jackson" -- and the group is so fired up about it, they've already sent out a press release with a Photoshopped image of what they think the scene will look like (see above).

TMZ reveals they're much, much dippier than that.

You can picture the scene in the court, can't you? "Well, I had been going to come up with an arbitrary judgement on this one, but given that a plane that could otherwise have been advertising a roller derby flew overhead, I think I might actually try and be just."