Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Craig David doesn't know about music...

Bad news for Craig David - that guy who used to pop up everywhere a few years back making him look a fool is back.

No, no, not the Bo'Selecta guy - he could never make David look as much of a ratchet-handle as David does himself.

If you have a desire to preserve any respect for Craig David, look away now:

He said: "[I] didn't actually know that Motown was a label ... I thought it was an era or genre, like New Jack Swing or something - I didn't know that if you weren't on Motown records, it wasn't Motown."

David then looked puzzled after reading the claim "if it doesn't say Kelloggs on the box, it isn't Kelloggs in the box" on the side of his Rice Krispies. "Isn't Kelloggs a type of food?"

Now, not knowing Motown was a record label and thinking it was an "era" would matter less if he hadn't just released a "Motown" collection.
"But then that didn't matter, because I wasn't conceptualising the album at all, it was purely songs that I liked and had inspired me, and songs that when I sang them, were a challenge too."

Bless him, he wasn't conceptualising the album. Isn't he cute?
"I wanted to make an album of me re-recording famous songs," he said. "There was no strong concept, but it ended up falling into a Motown thing, which really stemmed from Michael Jackson dying last year.

That was a terrible night for Craig, until someone explained to him that Michael Jackson was a specific person, and not "everyone in America".
"I'd got my tickets, and really wanted to see his show, so when he died I listened to his records a lot like a lot of people. I then looked at other music that had inspired me, from my childhood and later in my life, started singing them and realised that a lot of the records were Motown songs."

How could you realise that if you didn't know what Motown songs were, Mr Craig?

[tip of the hat to Andrew Collins]

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James said...

"I didn't know that if you weren't on Motown records, it wasn't Motown."

Yikes. Anyone else get the feeling Craig David is about to become this generation's Metric Martyr, frothing with outrage because bonkers Brussels bureaucrats want to ban him from making Yorkshire puddings unless he moves to Yorkshire? Mark my words, by the time he releases next year's Stax compilation (a collection of songs which he found easiest to arrange into neat piles), he'll be telling us how it won't be coming out on vinyl because "Apparently they wouldn't let me call it a twelve-inch, I'd have to say it was a 'thirty-centimetre'. It said so in the Mail. And I wasn't allowed to sing 'Three Blind Mice', in case it offended the bli- Sorry, visually impaired. Tsk! It's health and safety gone mad."

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