Friday, April 30, 2010

Tea Party plan presumably less-generous Band Aid style singalong

The permanently confused Tea Party movement is about to get a theme song, with Lloyd Marcus (no, us neither) calling acts to the studio to record a song called "Take America Back".

Let's hope he kept the receipt.

He wants his upbeat ditty to “highlight the diversity” within the Tea Party Movement, so he’ll accept any musicians – from tattooed rockers to preppy gospel singers.

Yes, the famously diverse Tea Party movement. It's not all about red-faced angry men.

The borderline-extremist group tends to only draw its support from amongst the permanently confused, so it's unlikely that anyone with an actual recording career will turn up - but Marcus has a plan to get round that one:
Since his ultimate message is about “we the people,” he wants mostly unknown artists to partake, not big celebrities.

Phew, that's lucky, eh? Although quite why celebrities don't count as people in this context isn't clear - can't really rich people hate sharing, too?

Still, it's a lovely idea - lots of people, coming together, working in a common interest, not for their personal gain but to achieve a goal that helps their community as whole. Don't you love watching socialism in action?

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