Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cartoon characters replace U2; not much change there, then

Surely Damon Albarn must be the first person to headline Glastonbury in consecutive years with different bands? This, as you'll have heard, is the news that Gorillaz have been called up to fill the gap left by U2 at the top of the Worthy Farm bill.

Michael Eavis didn't say, but should have, that it was all a fitting way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of John Squire falling off his bike and sparing The Stone Roses an awkward and embarrassing headline experience.


Jack said...

A friend of mine raised the point that if the Eavises could get Gorillaz to headline then why on earth were U2 booked to play in the first place?

simon h b said...

Perhaps it was the plan - book Bono, polish the floor under the rug on U2's stage, call an ambulance, then get on the phone: "Damon? I know you said you wouldn't play, but we're in a fix...@

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