Sunday, May 09, 2010

You Keep Me Hanging On: 1974 Revisited - the albums

While Wilson, Thorpe and Wilson struggled over whether the grand piano would remain in Downing Street, the album chart saw a monster battle being fought between The Carpenters, and a collection of singles, and Slade, with Old, New, Borrowed And Blue.

My Friend Stan, off the Slade album:

Ah, Top Of The Pops. How will bloggers of the future fling together a lookback at these strange days without a Top Of The Pops archive to dig into?

You never turn down the chance for a spot of the Carpenters:

Slade won out briefly, knocking Carpenter and Carpenter from the top slot, only for the compilation of singles to reasset itself at number one.

[Part of You Keep Me Hanging On: 1974 revisited

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