Monday, May 10, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Kylie arse

It's great to see a showbiz duo reunited, isn't it?

KYLIE MINOGUE proves her bottom is still tops - bringing it out of retirement in a raunchy new video.

Who knew that Kylie's butt had retired? I hadn't been paying much attention, but it turns out it had left showbusiness a few years back, to pursue a dream of running a small bar in Spain.

Kylie, meanwhile, spent some time using Stuart Price to work in the role previously performed by her bottom, although on some appearances she went solo. Even though that made sitting down difficult.

Her original bottom has been tempted back from retirement, though, as the Spanish bar business has been quite badly hit by the recession and the ash cloud.

Oh... it turns out that all that's really happened is Kylie has worn a pair of hotpants again for the new video. Not that she's run out of ideas or anything.

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