Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Come into the garden, Noel

Morning, Gordon. What do you have for us today?

I revealed last month that [Noel Gallagher] now demands to be called "Dr Octagon" by pals because of the octagonal summer house being put up in his ten-acre garden in Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.

Yes, yes. You're not mentioning this again simply because the Pulitzer Panel haven't been in touch yet, are you?
And a new planning application has shown DAVID BELLAMY-esque ambitions.

He's going to grow a beard? He's going to become a botanist?
It said: "The family intend to enhance the shrubs and trees with more planting and native meadow flowers."

That's gardening, Gordon. David Bellamy is a scientist. You're probably thinking of Alan Titchmarsh or Percy Thrower.

Still, it must be difficult finding a single line in a planning application and trying to turn it into a news story.
Just wait until Dr Octagon hatches his plans for world domination from that bunker. He's like a rock'n'roll Scaramanga.

Albeit, erm, a Scaramanga who wants to be David Bellamy.

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