Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Men watch TV, cash registers

Gordon's big splash this morning actually isn't that bad: Coldplay have reversed their decision and will now allow Glee to use their music.

They'd turned the programme down right at the start - oddly, the sudden realisation that there's loads of money to made having your songs on a show that spawns mulit-million selling CDs seems to have made the band think again.

It's a great story; unfortunately, that's the entire story so Smart is forced to try and fill up the rest of the column with lazy stereotyping and, erm, reprinting chunks of TV schedule:

Let's be honest - it's a show for the girls and the gays.
I can't say the telly musical has got my vuvuzela blowing.

It was the final episode of the first series on Monday night on E4.

The Italy v Paraguay game clashed with it... no contest.

But there's no denying what a brilliant idea it is and what an entertaining show.

So you think it's brilliant and entertaining, but you don't like it. I see.

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Anonymous said...

Sexism and homophobia in The Sun - the only thing less shocking than Chris Martin and co reversing a decision to get more money.

Also, I'm a straight male Glee & football fan and I managed to watch both the final episode and the Italy v Paraguay game. Luckily in this time of repeats and downloads, scheduling conflicts don't really exist. In case anyone's wondering I preferred the Glee episode. One was a dull one-all, the other had a Lulu cover... no contest.

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