Thursday, July 22, 2010

Casiokids expecting large cheque from Morten Harket

A somewhat bemusing email arrives from Casiokids' press people:

Casiokids Win! Receive 1 Million Kroner Grant from a-ha

It's not so much that Casiokids have won something, it's more the idea of A-Ha going round handing out grants. Can the press release shed any light on this?
Thanks to your votes, Casiokids won 1 million kroner (approx. $160,000) of legendary Norwegian pop band a-ha's money on July 14 as part of a competition set up to award four of Norway's most promising up-and-coming artists with the funds necessary to continue their international careers.

Blimey. It's not unheard of for a successful band to give a leg-up to a struggling act - only this week, Take That have helped out Robbie Williams - but you'd have to applaud A-Ha for using some of their spare cash to help new acts build their own careers. Might not be quite ready for an 'old bands are the new record labels' theory, but it would be nice to think some others who have been well treated by rock and roll might adopt this way of giving something back.


Claudia said...

Ha !
Spare Cash ??
Do you have any idea how succesful a-ha have been over the past 25 years ?
Any idea how many concerts they sold out and are still selling out this year on their farewell tour?

Well, no obviously not.

Take a look at for instance their website, or maybe even just one glance at wikipedia .

simon h b said...

Claudia, it's excellent that you clearly love A-Ha so blindly that you can imagine a slight where there isn't one. This post is saying 'look, how generous A-Ha are being with their spare cash' and you somehow interpret that as being a dig of some sort. Can you explain what it is you think I've said?

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