Monday, July 12, 2010

Rush fans seek refunds

Last Wednesday, Rush cancelled a gig in Chicago because of heavy rain. A shame, perhaps, but there you are.

Oh... unless you're Christopher Langone. He's annoyed that the band didn't adopt a show-must-go-on approach, and has launched a lawsuit:

The lawsuit states: "After the announcement of cancellation, rain was not significant in Chicago. For example, the Chicago White Sox completed a game in the weather in Chicago on the evening of July 7, 2010."

Langone tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "I travelled here to Chicago to see the show with old friends. I've been a lifelong fan of Rush and we were very disappointed they cancelled the show...especially when (the rain) stopped."

'I'm such a lifelong fan of the band, they decided to not play in the pouring rain once, and I slap them with a lawsuit. That's the extent of my fandom.'

It's not clear if the baseball match he cites in his lawsuit was being played with electric bats, or if Langone doesn't quite understand the difference between standing on a stage surrounded by electrical equipment and playing sports. Nor the difference between an open air gig, and a sporting event, the latter of which have most of the fans under cover. It's also not entirely obvious why Langone is especially pissed off that they cancelled and then it stopped raining, as if he'd rather they left it right to the last minute to pull the gig, thereby ensuring even local people would have set out on their journeys before it was called off.

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Lama said...

I did this at a Tool concert at the Verizon and we had a liberty activist with tickets from to the show do that.

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