Monday, August 23, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Rich as Kings

Didn't Gordon do the "Robbie and Gary are making a Brokeback Mountain style video" more than once, and weeks ago? Perhaps he's hoping we've forgotten as he does it again.

I suppose this time there's a single, grainy photo. Of, erm, the two sat in a bar.

Elsewhere, Caleb from The Kings Of Leon tries to explain why the new album is art, and says possibly the worst thing he could say:

"We're already plenty rich, we don't need it. We're like thousand-aires, multiple thousands, multiple."
I know he's trying to say 'we're not doing this for the money' - although as Elton John and Bono demonstrate, having lots of money never stops you wanting some more to keep it company - but is there anything less attractive than someone pushing their bank statements at you to try and sell their wares?

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