Sunday, August 08, 2010

Jesca Hoop and organic lentil soup

Whole Foods have a pretty good programme (ripped off from Starbucks, naturally) whereby they select an artists they deem up and coming and promote the butt out of them in their organicish-at-premium-prices US supermarkets.

They've just signed up the wonderful Jesca Hoop for this boost.

It's a place in the US that sells Haloumi, and you'll hear Jesca Hoop while shopping. How good is that?

Here's a live version of Enemy. Go shopping for more:

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Dora said...

Ooh, cool. We have 7 Whole Foods places in London now, too. I hope they have this promo, too. I've never noticed it, but I'm usually too hypnotised by the amazing produce.

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