Friday, September 24, 2010

Cher will follow you - for a price. Oh, and respect.

Yes, it might be for charity, but the Cher twitter "experience" auction still reeks of a hollow offer aimed at empty lives.

There have already been thirty bids so far, pushing the price up to $750. And for what? For this:

Cher will follow you on Twitter for a minimum of 90 days, will retweet one of your tweets and will send out a tweet including your @twitterhandle.

It will be at the celebrity’s discretion to continue following the winner beyond 90 days.

Misuse of talent connection on Twitter may result in revocation of the Follow at the Talent’s discretion. Respect for the Talent is expected at all times. The Talent has the right to refuse fulfillment of the package based on already established relationships, sponsorships or personal preference. If the package is not fulfilled, the winning bid amount will be refunded.
Respect the Talent. With a capital T. Although, clearly, nobody is respecting the potential purchaser enough to bother doing anything beyond cutting-and-pasting some boilerplate text at the bottom of the offer.

The charity is a good one, but... oh lord. This is only one step away from paying a grand on the understanding that Cher will think about you for two minutes at one point in the near future.

[via @princess_knicks]


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