Thursday, September 02, 2010

Radiohead provide soundtrack for fan-made movie

Hello, large labels, management companies and record labels spokespeople! Can we just take as read your grumpy response to the following story will be the erroneous 'they can only afford to do that because of the investment the existing music industry put in the band'? Thank you.

Bunch of fans went to see Radiohead at Prague with handheld digital movie cameras; they got together afterwards and made it into a crowd-sourced live DVD. Radiohead found out, and rather than send a grumpy legal complaint, chipped in with the desk recordings for free.

This is what Nude looks and sounds like:

The whole thing can be downloaded from the Prague fan site.

The RIAA are offering to donate an explanation of why this can't and musn't work.


brian travers said...

Great it..we (UB40) have done this at a couple of intimate one off gigs over the past few years, with the film making fans passing all the footage to another film making fan for editing..just a really cool way of connecting with the very people you play the music for and involving them in the experience..and this film looks great, shot with love and care...well done the music....brian travers UB40

markie said...

I'm not the world's biggest fan of either Radiohead or UB40 (although I do have a sneaky liking for The Earth Dies Screaming) but I have to offer 'nuff respect and massive props (as the young folk who don't remember The Earth Dies Screaming would probably say) to both bands for their mature, level headed and ultimately constructive approach to this situation. Similar respect, props and biggidy biggidy bongs to SimonXRRF for the always excellent coverage of copyright issues on this blog. Love from, a musician who was never likely to make a single brass bean under the old system and almost certainly still won't come the glorious day when the system finally falls but that's not what we play popsongs for.

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