Friday, November 26, 2010

Gordon in the morning: A maternity of errors

You'll remember a couple of days ago we were talking about Gordon's scoop announcing Dappy as Channel 4's alternative queen.

It seemed a rotten idea for Channel 4, and so it's reassuring to discover that Gordon was just talking bollocks as usual. MediaGuardian has the actual details of the Alternative Message:

A member of the medical staff from a Southampton maternity hospital will deliver this year's alternative Christmas message on Channel 4.

The Princess Anne hospital will form a large part of Channel 4's Christmas Day schedule, with the alternative message and a marathon of One Born Every Minute Christmas specials called One Born At Christmas.
Unless Dappy's picked up a bit of extra work over Christmas, it's another story from The Sun that turns out to be totally wrong.

Although it's possible Dappy will be needing a second job - the people who make Ghosthunting With are suing N-Dubz for breach of contract after the band twice failed to show up for the programme. Comes to something when the ghostly apparitions are more reliable than the star guests.

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